Howie Mandel Confronts His Phobias; Drs Investigate: How Dirty Are Your Hands; Dirty Dining Exposed; Fact or Fiction: Mouthwash Kills STD’s

For one woman, something she would normally use every day – her jaw – is tearing her life apart! She has come to The Doctors seeking relief from her constant pain and subsequent dependency on pain pills.

Howie Mandel’s phobia of germs is well documented, but can the star be cured of his fears in just an hour? The comedian, author and television personality joins The Doctors to find out if he can put his fears behind him.

The Doctors discuss a recent headline that has caught attention. A professor tested a theory that mouthwash can kill gonorrhea on men who have detectable levels of the disease in their throat. Did it work?

Like millions of Americans, Howie Mandel suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, and several phobias. Life strategist Gary Coxe joins Howie and The Doctors to discuss how phobias can be easily retrained in our brains.

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