Hollywood Health Fads with Guest Hosts Ross Matthews & Garcelle Beauvais!; Mom Makes Her Own Dentures?!; Explosive New Drug Trend: “Dabs”!; Dr. Travis’s Tips to Avoid a Diet Disaster!

Fashion Trends That Slay or Nay

The Doctors, joined by Ross Mathews & Garcelle Beauvais, cover some of the latest fashion trends and decide ‘slay’ or ‘nay.’

Mushroom Body Suit to Replace Coffins?

The Doctors discuss the “Infinity Burial Suit,” a suit meant to be worn after death to eliminate the use of coffins and cremation that’s sewn with mushroom spore-infused thread to help decompose the body. Is this new suit for you?

What’s Healthier?

‘Hollywood Today Live’ hosts Ross Mathews & Garcelle Beauvais join The Doctors to play a little game of “what’s healthier?” No one said eating healthy was easy!