The New Heroin Epidemic!; Death by Movie?!; New It Girl’s Fight; Myth or Reality: Death by Hickey!

New Heroin Epidemic

There’s a new form of heroin on the streets that is killing people. Here’s what you need to know about carfentanil.

8-Year-Old Model Raises Albinism Awareness

Ava Clarke’s unique appearance hasn’t held her back in the slightest – she’s worked with Beyoncé and appeared in the pages of Vogue while raising awareness about albinism.

Can Hickeys Kill?

Usually hickeys just leave an embarrassing mark, but in rare cases they can kill. The Doctors examine a recent incident were a hickey reportedly caused a 17-year-old to die.

Pore Extractions

The Doctors discuss a video of pore extractions, and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon weighs in on the safety of this technique.

Permanent Baby Bump

Last season Amy was on the show concerned about her permanent baby bump. Amy joins The Doctors with plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Zarrabi to show off her new look.

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