Drs Exclusive: Maureen McCormick; Super Lice Outbreak!; Live “Angry Face” Procedure; Spike in Child Abductions?

A mom’s approach to dealing with her kids not cleaning their room landed her with threatening messages from strangers about calling Child Protective Services. Did the frustrated mom go too far or was she simply using a creative way to reach her children?

Lice are bad enough, and now there are super lice to deal with! The Doctors examine this nuisance that is stronger than your average lice.

It seems like we’ve been hearing more and more stories of attempted child kidnappings in broad daylight. The Doctors decided to conduct their own experiment to see just how willing kids are to talk to strangers.

"Super lice" have now hit 48 states in the U.S. and they are immune to over-the-counter treatments. Luckily there is a new FDA-approved procedure that’s here to help.

One mom’s punishment went viral after she picked up all the stuff on her children’s bedroom floors and put it in bags, which they could buy back for $25 each bag. Do you think she went too far?