The Doctors’ Best Bloopers!; Club Drug to Cure Insomnia?; My Jaw Won’t Let Me Eat!; The Beard Bib!; Turn Your Crawling Baby Into A Floor Sweeper?!

Sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta and narcolepsy sufferer Trinity join The Doctors to discuss Trinity taking GHB, also known as the “date rape” drug, to treat her narcolepsy. Trinity says it has given her her life back. But how does it work?

Hannah can’t close her mouth due to a dental/facial deformity making it very difficult for her to chew properly causing her weight to drop to just 90 pounds. Hannah and her grandmother Yvonne join the Doctors to discuss her complicated situation.

The Doctors are joined by medical intuitive and author Joan Marie Whelan. Audience member Stacia has a medical secret that Joan Marie tries to intuit. Her reading just might surprise you.

The Doctors discuss a new product that claims to be a bearded man’s new best friend. Could this be the perfect gift for your favorite bearded man?

The Baby Mop will allow your crawling baby to help keep your floors sparkling clean. Is this the perfect product for multi-tasking moms? Or just plain wrong?

The Doctors discuss a recent story about a jilted bride who turned heartbreak to happiness by donating her wedding flowers to area nursing homes and inviting nearly 100 homeless people to enjoy the lavish dinner.