Viral PMS Post; Amusement Park Snake Attack!; Woman Robs Sperm Bank?; Paid Not to Commit Crimes?; New Procedure to Ditch Your Reading Glasses for Good!; Toddler Tattoos Dad?!

Attorney Areva Martin joins The Doctors discuss a recent photo that a man, Chris, posted of his wife, Jamie, in her “period outfit.” The couple shares what the backlash has been like for their relationship.

The Doctors discuss a recent story about a family threatening to sue Walt Disney World after their son was bitten by a non-venomous snake that dropped from a tree inside the park.

A married South American salsa singer is using a unique paternity defense in court to sue a Venezuelan woman he describes as a “crazed fan.” He’s claiming she stole his sperm from a fertility clinic and then gave birth to twin girls.

The Doctors are joined by Kenyan McDuffie, D.C. council member, to discuss a new controversial bill that proposes to pay criminals for NOT committing crimes. Will this work to lower the crime rate?

Over one hundred million Americans need reading glasses to get through their day. But can a new procedure help you ditch your readers for good? Ophthalmologist Dr. Kerry Assil and his patient Kim discuss her personal results.