Bieber Guilt; Controversial New Baby Gadget; Can You Be Allergic to Wi-Fi? Music Breaks Through Alzheimer’s; What’s Your Driving Personality? Hugging Your Dog Harms Health?!

If you’re a woman over a certain age, finding Justin Bieber attractive might bring up feelings of guilt or shame. When Justin first became famous he was too young to feel that way about, but now it is socially acceptable to view him as sexy.

Can you be allergic to Wi-Fi? Chemical electromagnetic-sensitivity expert Dr. Lisa Nagy joins The Doctors to increase awareness about this very real condition.

Animal behaviorist Dr. Jill Goldman joins The Doctors to discuss whether or not dogs actually like to be in our warm embrace.

The Doctors discuss a new church in Taiwan designed in the shape of a high heel in hopes to attract more female congregants. Would you check it out?

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