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Keep Your Fruit Salad Fresh!

Cut-up fruit is a tasty and convenient way to get more produce in your diet – but it can turn brown in seconds. ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork has an easy, and tasty, way to keep your salad at its best.

Should You Do DIY Orthodontics!?

A new Internet craze promises users that they can straighten their own teeth – without an orthodontist. Can you really use dental floss or rubber bands to achieve a perfect smile, or will you end up crying all the way to the dentist?

Are This Man's Mysterious Bumps Dangerous?

Shawn first noticed bumps appearing under his skin when he was a high-school sophomore, almost 25 years ago. Now he has them everywhere – some soft, some hard -- and doctors can't agree why.

Brain Tumor Threatens Young Girl’s Health

Young Alexis first appeared on The Doctors in February 2014, when her mother, Jenny, explained that a benign tumor in the center of Alexis’ brain had caused uncontrollable weight gain. Today, after undergoing dangerous surgeries to remove the tumor and...

Man Lives with Mysterious Bumps for 20 Years

Shawn says he’s been living with mysterious lumps and bumps all over his body for the past 20 years. Concerned they could be a sign of a serious condition, Shawn reaches out to The Doctors for help finding a diagnosis. Click here to find out the cause...