Sperm Donor Hides Criminal Past And Fathers Dozens Of Children?; Mother Refuses Treatment Of Her Child’s Cancer!; Dangerous Trends That Can Harm Your Children?; Ways Your Smartphone Can Save You Big Money!

Paid to Party?

The Doctors discuss a UK startup that will organize a guys’ night out for you similar to the movie “The Hangover.”

Perfect Sperm Donor?

The Doctors discuss a recent news story about the “perfect” sperm donor who had an IQ of 160, a PhD, and great looks…but turned out too good to be true!

Super-Sized Prank?

The Doctors discuss a prank targeting workers at popular fast food restaurants that’s resulted in damages upwards of $35,000.

Playing with Fire?

The latest social media trend known as the “fire spray challenge” has The Doctors very concerned as kids are using aerosol cans of cleaning fluid to create mega-flames that can easily get out of control.

Help for One Woman Who Lost Her Nose

Rose, a woman who contracted an infection that destroyed her nose and teeth, joins The Doctors along with plastic surgeon Dr. John Zannis and dentists Dr. Simon Melcher and Dr. Emily Rodriguez to discuss her unique case.