“Little Women: LA’s” Jasmine Arteaga Opens Up About Health Fear; Cheap Way To Avoid High Heel Blisters; Phone App Teaches Kids Sex-Ed?

Tips to Prepare for a Disaster

Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and fires – no matter where we live, we need to be prepared for one disaster or another. Special Deputy Sheriff Lou Ferrigno – the original “incredible Hulk” –joins The Doctors to tell us what we need to have on hand for em

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Celeb Nail Artist Shares Insider Secrets

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon get a pedicure from celebrity nail technician Natalie Minerva. She joins The Doctors to share some must-know pedicure secrets.

3 Things to Keep in Your Emergency Kit!

The original “Incredible Hulk” and special deputy sheriff Lou Ferrigno joins The Doctors to share the must-have items in your personal emergency kit.

Lou Ferrigno is a spokesperson for StopsBleeding and LifeStraw.