LIVE Non-Surgical Nose Job; Firm Aging Skin In 19 Minutes?; Hand Rejuvenation Procedure; Semi-Permanent Eyebrows In 2 Minutes?

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Put It to the Test: Wine Wand and Wrinkle Cream

Do you get red and flushed when you drink wine? “The Wand” reportedly helps combat “wine glow.” And, do you have dry, wrinkled skin? StemuTone by Adonia claims it can reverse it. But do these products work? Find out as we put them to the test!

A Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Kimberly’s motorcycle accident changed the shape of her nose, giving her an unwanted bump. Dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer joins The Doctors to perform a “non-surgical nose job” on Kimberly using cosmetic fillers.

Mail Order Veneers Put to the Test

Crystal and Mika both need new veneers and join The Doctors to put “Lab Direct Veneers” to the test. Can you get a better smile through mail order than by going to the dentist?

A New, More Natural Breast Implant?

The Doctors discuss The Ideal Implant, which feels more natural and provides the safety of a saline implant. Meredith joins The Doctors to discuss her before and after pics with her new Ideal implants. Could this be the future of breast implants?