Dr. Phil’s Medical Condition He’s Been Battling for Years; Look 5 Years Younger for Less than $5!; Ways You’re Making Allergies Worse!

The Doctors are joined by parenting expert Jo Frost to discuss a recent study regarding the health and safety of daycare facilities across the country. A shocking 96% of sites visited had at least one health or safety violation.

The Doctors and parenting expert Jo Frost are joined by Tyler, a mom that recently found her son at childcare drinking a bottle of someone else’s breastmilk. What would you do?

Elementary student Christian joins The Doctors to discuss the “buddy bench,” an idea he brought to his school. The bench is a place where kids can go when they feel shy or lonely but want to make a buddy.

Dr. Phil McGraw joins The Doctors to dispel myths about type 2 diabetes and to share six rules to overcome the barriers of living with the disease. For more information on how to manage diabetes, visit www.onitmovement.com.

A lot of people are afraid of surgery, including The Doctors executive producer, Jeff. But when he went in for knee surgery, he decided to face his fear by staying awake…and talking to the camera.