Fat Reducing Treatments Put To The Test!; Extreme Dance Battle Gone Wrong; Woman Hides Poop for Love; Curse Of The Make-Up Sponge

Things got hot on the dance floor when Fire Gyal Flexi showed off her moves – way too hot. Flexi accidentally set herself on fire! Learn how to avoid a dance catastrophe and keep from getting burned.

Could danger threaten from an unexpected source? Many are casting a suspicious eye at the bathroom after one woman’s toilet reported erupted – while she was using it!

How far would you go to make sure a first date goes well? One woman was willing to fill her pocketbook with poo rather than embarrass herself in front of her beau – and she documented the whole ordeal on Twitter.

“Fire Gal Flexi’s” underground dance battle competition went horribly wrong when she accidentally set herself on fire! Pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altmann joins The Doctors to discuss burns and the dangers of playing with fire.