Fat Reducing Treatments Put To The Test!; Extreme Dance Battle Gone Wrong; Woman Hides Poop for Love; Curse Of The Make-Up Sponge

Things got hot on the dance floor when Fire Gyal Flexi showed off her moves – way too hot. Flexi accidentally set herself on fire! Learn how to avoid a dance catastrophe and keep from getting burned.

Could danger threaten from an unexpected source? Many are casting a suspicious eye at the bathroom after one woman’s toilet reported erupted – while she was using it!

How far would you go to make sure a first date goes well? One woman was willing to fill her pocketbook with poo rather than embarrass herself in front of her beau – and she documented the whole ordeal on Twitter.

The Doctors discuss a recent story of a woman who used the bathroom on a first date…only to find the toilet wouldn’t flush. What would you have done?