Drs Exclusive: Janice Dickinson Undergoes Surgery For Cancer; Party Hosts Fined $250K?; A Perfume That Lets You Smell Dead People?;? Which Wine Carries Greater Skin Cancer Risk? Get Swimsuit Ready With Bikini Boot Camp!

Frat Party Fined Quarter Million Dollars?

The Doctors and child advocate Areva Martin discuss a recent story about two hosts of a college frat party that were fined $275,000 for allowing underage drinking at their party. But are the students to blame?

Prisoners Pay for Castration?

The Doctors discuss a proposed Alabama bill that calls for convicted sex offenders to not only be castrated, but also to pay for the medical bills associated with it. But does this criminal offense warrant a medical punishment?

Fighting Fire with Fire?

The Doctors are joined by Los Angeles municipal fire fighter Clayton Holt to discuss a new invention in firefighting. Will it change the way we fight fires?

Memory Perfume?

A company in France has created a perfume that captures the scent of a loved one…specifically someone who has left this world.