Beauty Salon Causes Stroke?! Sued Over Tampon Tax?!; Procrastination Cure?!; Skin Perfecting Laser?!; Sex Dust in Smoothies?!

Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome

The Doctors are joined by attorney Areva Martin to discuss a recent story about a woman who suffered a stroke after hyperextending her neck while getting her hair washed at the salon. Could you be at risk?

Tampon Tax Lawsuit?!

The Doctors discuss the “tampon tax” tacked on to all feminine products, and a recent class action lawsuit filed claiming it’s unconstitutional.

Sexist Cheese?!

The Doctors discuss a cheese brand that has a male character on their “full-fat” package and a female character on their “low-fat” one. Is this sending an unfair message?

Procrastination Cure?

The Doctors discuss a new app that shames you for spending too much time on social media. Could it be effective?