Dream Makeover Revealed; Is Your Child Drinking Mold?; Should Weddings Be Kid Free?; Shower Curtain Health Hack!


San Francisco’s public transport system may start fining passengers as much as $500 for sprawling limbs, or as some like to call it, “manspreading.”

One Couple’s Surrogate Nightmare

What are your rights when the surrogate you’ve hired decides to keep the baby? Family law litigator Fred Silberberg joins the Doctors to discuss the legalities of one couple’s nightmare scenario.

Should Weddings Be Kid-Free?

The Doctors discuss a viral video of a child jumping on the brides’ train as she walks down the aisle, prompting the question…should kids be allowed to attend weddings?

Oral Health and Denture Dilemma

What challenging health issue is affecting more and more people between the ages of 45-55, and a few of the youngest baby boomers too? It’s Dentures. And if you wear them, you know they can affect much more than just your smile.