Plus-Sized Pant Controversy; Erase Bad Memories With Your Eyes?; Supervised Heroin Facility?;

Husband’s Dramatic Recovery!

Marcelino and orthopedic surgeons Dr. Hyun Bae and Dr. Justin Saliman join The Doctors to discuss Marcelino’s amazing transformation.

A “Bromance” with Benefits?

Life and business strategist, Gary Coxe, joins The Doctors to discuss a new study that suggests “bromances” have the same effect on the brain as romantic relationships. Have you hugged your bromantic partner today?

First Baby Ruins Happiness?

The Doctors discuss a recent report that revealed having children for the first time may not be the happiest time in a new parent’s life. Not even close.

Husband Seriously Injured after Crash

Marcelino returned home from his latest tour in Iraq only to suffer a terrible motorcycle accident. One and a half years after the accident, Marcelino’s life has been taken over by physical pain. The Doctors sent him to orthopedic surgeons Dr. Hyun Bae...

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