Plus-Sized Pant Controversy; Erase Bad Memories With Your Eyes?; Supervised Heroin Facility?;

Marcelino and orthopedic surgeons Dr. Hyun Bae and Dr. Justin Saliman join The Doctors to discuss Marcelino’s amazing transformation.

Life and business strategist, Gary Coxe, joins The Doctors to discuss a new study that suggests “bromances” have the same effect on the brain as romantic relationships. Have you hugged your bromantic partner today?

Can you get rid of a painful memory just by moving your eyes? The Doctors discuss EMDR or “eye movement desensitization and processing,” which is being used to treat conditions like anxiety and depression. But does it work?

The Doctors discuss a recent report that revealed having children for the first time may not be the happiest time in a new parent’s life. Not even close.

Addiction specialist Robb Kelly joins The Doctors to discuss the benefits of helping heroin addicted users find clean and safe spaces to use drugs.

Marcelino returned home from his latest tour in Iraq only to suffer a terrible motorcycle accident. One and a half years after the accident, Marcelino’s life has been taken over by physical pain. The Doctors sent him to orthopedic surgeons Dr. Hyun Bae...

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