Adults Raising Baby Dolls?; Doc Loses License Due To Kleptomania?; Fashion Facelift; Quick Fix Your Broken Lipstick

Teacher Convicted for Sex with Students

A Los Angeles high school student is suing his former teacher for sexual abuse, claiming he was drugged and given alcohol to initiate a sexual relationship. Sadly he is not alone. One in ten students is subjected to some form of educator sexual...

Would You Ever Buy a Realistic Baby Doll?

Stephanie, a realistic baby doll artist and enthusiast, joins The Doctors to discuss her unique hobby of making “reborn dolls.” Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser also joins to shed light on what draws people to a hobby like this, and whether it’s healthy or...

IVF Health Dangers?

Over 5 million babies worldwide were born using an IVF treatment, but a new study claims their long-term health could be at risk.

Doctor Loses License over Kleptomania?

Alla has practiced medicine for over 34 years but recently lost her license after being arrested for stealing. She’s dealt with an overwhelming urge to steal, but does that mean she’s a medical danger? To meet Alla, click here.

Fashion Facelift

Want to look years younger and slimmer without undergoing surgery? Designer Orly Shani joins The Doctors to makeover two women with the help of makeup artist Stephanie Navarro and hair stylist Sadou Brown. You won’t believe the results!