Shocking Medical Stories Caught On Camera!; Dr. Rachael’s Big Baby Surprises!

Some of your favorite stars have been looking a little different lately. The Doctors and psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser weigh in on what’s happening with John Travolta and Tom Cruise’s new looks.

The Doctors discuss a recent news story of a couple celebrating the arrival of their second child with placenta pizza and placenta daiquiris. Does eating your placenta actually contain health benefits?

The Doctors surprise Dr. Rachael by decorating her new baby nursery with the help of Décor Aid and Twinkle Twinkle Little One. To see Dr. Rachael’s tear-filled reaction to seeing her baby’s nursery for the first time, click here.

The Doctors discuss a man with a shocking skin disorder commonly referred to as “tree man disease,” which causes bark-like warts to sprout on the hands and legs.

Watch Dr. Rachael’s emotional reaction to seeing her newly designed baby nursery for the first time. To see behind-the-scenes footage, visit Then, click here to see Dr. Rachael's surprise baby shower.