Drs Exclusive: My Husband Tried to Murder Me!; Criminal Minds’ AJ COOK!; Gene Simmons From KISS!

One family found that their beloved lost dog had been adopted by someone else – who refused to give him back!

The BRCA gene test can identify inherited gene mutations that leave carriers with elevated cancer risk. But many women are scared to get the test, because they’re afraid to learn they carry a BRCA mutation. Is ignorance bliss?

One pop diva admitted on Twitter that she wet herself while sedated at the dentist’s office! Is this one more reason to be scared of going to – and maybe going at – the dentist’s office!?

ER physician Travis Stork is joined by surgical breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk, dentist Dr. Chris Strandburg, veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell, and Criminal Minds star AJ Cook to discuss a new study that revealed men with beards are actually...

ER physician Travis Stork is joined by dentist Dr. Chris Strandburg to discuss a story that recently made headlines about a pop star who admitted to having an accident while at the dentist. Is this common?