Roast, Bake, Shake To A Better Body?!; Yoga Pants That Burn Calories?!; DIY Health Test Dangers?!; The Doctors Investigate: Bulk Bin Germs!; Fix For Painful Breasts?!

Is the “Man Flu” Actually Legit?

Could the reason men act like big babies when they’re sick actually be rooted in science? The Doctors discuss new research which shows men suffer more aggressive symptoms of illness than women due to their lack of estrogen. Find out more as The Doctors...

A Young Woman Suffers Extreme Breast Pain

Have you ever been in so much pain you’ve actually considered removing a body part? A college student named Jordan says she wants to undergo a double mastectomy in order to relieve her extreme breast pain. Can The Doctors, oncologist Dr. Kristine Slam...

Are You an Invisible Woman?

The Doctors are joined by Valerie Monroe, a columnist for Oprah Magazine, to discuss her recent article on what it feels like when people stop noticing you and how aging can affects one’s sense of self. Can you relate?