New Killer to Top Cancer by 2050; Happy Days’ Anson Williams!; Veterinarian Dr. Pol!; Danger Lurking In Your Lip Balm?

Teen Dies from Too Much Deodorant?

The Doctors discuss a recent new story of a 16-year-old boy who’s believed to have died from excessive butane gas inhalation. After investigators discovered 42 cans of aerosol deodorant in his room, his mother admitted he used one can a week. Find out...

The Incredible Dr. Pol and His Exotic Friends

Veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol of Nat Geo Wild’s “The Incredible Dr. Pol” stops by with some furry friends, including an emu, a mini horse, and two silkie chickens! To see more exotic animals, click here.

How Safe is Your Lip Balm?

A number of consumers have reported having an adverse reaction to a popular lip balm. The Doctors discuss and give tips on how to tell if you’re allergic to your lip balm. To read a statement from EOS, click here.