Friday News Feed; Mom’s Hemorrhoid Horror Story!; New Instant Face Transplant App; Trick To Prevent ‘Hungry Shopping’ Purchases; Would You Do THAT For Money?

School for Wealthy Kids?

The Doctors discuss a recent news report which stated that Kim Kardashian’s best friend, Jonathan Cheban, is planning on opening a school for wealthy kids in New York. On the curriculum? Private aviation, social media, quality of diamonds, and types of...

Remembering Christy O’Donnell

The Doctors discuss the recent passing of Christy O’Donnell, a mother and attorney who successfully fought for the passage of California’s End of Life Options Act.

What Would You Do for Money?

How much money would it take for you to star in an X-rated film? Become a drug mule? Murder someone? The Doctors and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears discuss the shocking results of a recent online survey.