Instant Dark Spot Eraser?!; DUI After One Drink?! Can Dogs Read Your Emotions?; 3-Second Contouring Hack!

Can Teaching Girls to Be Nice Backfire?

A recent New York Times article suggests we might be doing more harm than good when we teach our daughters to be kind instead of to stick up for themselves. The Doctors share some tips on how to do both.

Conceiving after Miscarriage?

Women and couples who’ve experienced a miscarriage are often told to wait at least three months before they try again to get pregnant. But a new NIH study suggests that might not be the best advice. Find out more as The Doctors discuss!

Lung Disease: It Can Leave You Breathless!

Pulmonologist Dr. Marilyn Glassberg joins The Doctors to talk about a rare and fatal lung disease called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, or IPF. Meet a man who suffers from IPF, and learn about the symptoms and treatment options available. Sponsored by...

Unclutter Your Life

Professional organizer Justin Klosky joins The Doctors to share tips on keeping your space clean and organized.

Does Your Dog Know What You’re Thinking?

Have you ever wondered if your dog can read your mind? The Doctors discuss a new study that tested whether or not dogs can read the emotions of human strangers. Wait until you hear the results!