Drs Exclusive: A Cure for Type 1 Diabetes? New App Keeps You Kardashian FREE!; Cheating On The Rise More Than Ever?; Motorized Sperm To Help Infertility?; Eat “This” To Prevent Impotence? Secret To Add 10 Years To Your Life!

German scientists are in the process of developing tiny motors that can make sperm better swimmers as they make their way to an egg. The Doctors are joined by urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz to explain.

Gina was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was nine years and has been dependent on insulin ever since. After years of suffering, she received an islet cell transfer as part of a clinical trial at City of Hope. Since then, she says she’s been...

Instead of listing calories, what if foods labels revealed how long it would take to burn that food off at the gym? The Doctors reveal how long it takes to burn off favorite foods like beer, cheeseburgers, and chicken alfredo!

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