Could You Get “Athletes Face?”; Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito; 2016 “Better Body” Fixes Revealed; Life-Changing Surgeries!

The Doctors discuss how some people have an adverse reaction to extra-strength deodorants. Find out what you can do to avoid burning your underarm area.

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Podiatric surgeons Alireza Khosroabadi, Jennifer D’Amico, and Carl Kihm join The Doctors to discuss their mission to Nepal to help victims of the devastating earthquake that struck in April 2015. To see how the experience changed the life of a Doctors'...

The Doctors are joined by Adrian Romoff, an 11-year-old musical prodigy and contestant on Lifetime's "Child Genius: Battle of the Brightest." Watch as he and Dr. Andrew Ordon go head-to-head in a little friendly competition. Who's the brightest? Find out!