Skinny Swaps!; Can Your “Private Parts” be Depressed?!; Rent a Bridesmaid?; Addict-Proof Pill Bottles?

Baby Picture Becomes Cruel Meme

Parents often love sharing photos of their children on social media. One mom was stunned, however, when she discovered that photos of her baby were being used to create cruel Internet memes. Hear what she has to say.

Could a Lockable Pill Bottle Help Curb Addiction?

Lawmakers in Illinois recently passed a measure to provide incentives for pharmacies to dispense addictive painkillers in locked pill bottles. They hope the new devices will help reduce the rate of prescription drug abuse in the state. The Doctors...

Korean Secrets for Perfect Skin

From dewy skin to flawless makeup, Korea is home to world’s hottest beauty trends. Charlotte Cho, author of “The Little Book of Skin Care,” joins The Doctors to reveal some of the country’s biggest beauty secrets.