My Ex-Boyfriend Threw Acid In My Face!; Shocking Traffic Stop Endangers Baby’s Life; Famous Dog That Fought Off 3 Bears; Nurse Breast-Feeds Newborn During Surgery?

Though she’s small, Jules the Frenchie is also mighty! In a The Doctors’ exclusive, meet the Internet-famous four-legged friend and her owner, and hear how she frightened away three bears all on her own!

A young mother recounts the harrowing details of the vicious attack by an ex-boyfriend, who threw sulfuric acid in her face, causing devastating burns to 20 percent of her body. Click here to find out how she's doing today.

A young mother, who suffered devastating burns to 20 percent of her body when an ex-boyfriend threw acid in her face, joins The Doctors to share how she is doing two and a half years after the attack. Plus, find out what happened to the ex-boyfriend....

Hear the controversial story of a couple in labor who was stopped on the way to the hospital by a traffic cop, who arrested the husband for failing to stop right away. Hear from the woman who had to deliver her baby without her husband present.

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