Shocking Videos in the Headlines!; Baby Aggressively Shaken at Daycare!; Couple Escapes from Flash Flood; At-Home Skin Care: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

How to Survive a Flash Flood

The Doctors are joined by a young couple who recently survived a treacherous flash flood, which killed 7 hikers at Zion National Park in Utah. Plus, Dr. Travis shares his personal experience with flash floods and offers tips to stay safe. Click here...

Instagram Star Baddie Winkle Plays the Dating Game

The Doctors reveal three eligible bachelors who vie for the heart of 87-year-old Instagram star Baddie Winkle. Who will be the lucky gent to catch this hip grandmother’s eye? Plus, click here to see a web exclusive clip of Baddie meeting all the...

Web Ex.: Instagram Star Baddie Winkle Meets Her Bachelors

Three eligible bachelors vied for the heart of 87-year-old Instagram star Baddie Winkle in a Doctors’ dating game, but only one won the honor of accompanying the hip grandmother on a date. Now, watch as Baddie meets the men she turned down.

Skin Care Trends to Avoid

Sunbathing to treat acne? Chemical peel for your feet? Dermatologist Sonia Batra weighs in on certain skin care tips and tricks rumored to be beneficial. Find out whether you should or shouldn’t try them.