A Teen’s Battle With Extreme Cystic Acne and Bullying; Moldy Foods: Should You Trim Them Or Toss Them?; Celebrity Abs Secrets Revealed!

The Doctors say goodbye to the “Duck Face” and hello to the “Fish Gape” – the latest facial expression taking over the internet!

Fourteen-year-old Hannah says painful cystic acne has ruined her life. The Doctors send her to dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra for a consultation. Click here to see what she and OB-GYN Jennifer Ashton had to say.

The Doctors discuss the shocking case of a Los Angeles doctor who was charged with medical fraud after allegedly allowing his office manager to perform more than 100 surgeries and filing bogus insurance claims.

Millions of women who struggle with stress urinary incontinence experience leaks while being active. Urologist Jennifer Berman checks in with Laura, who has agreed to try a brand-new product that aims to help stop bladder leakage. Sponsored by Poise...