Mom Faces Her Extreme Rat Phobia; 3 Drinks To Beat Hot Flashes, Fatigue & Bloat!; Dr. Ordon Opens Up about His Recent Loss

Plastic surgeon Andrew Ordon's beloved bulldog, Lulu, recently passed away. See some of Lulu’s best moments on "The Doctors." For tips on coping with the loss of a pet, click here.

Plastic surgeon Andrew Ordon recently lost his beloved bulldog, Lulu. Veterinarian Courtney Campbell offers advice on coping with the loss of a pet. For support dealing with the loss of a pet, call the ASPCA Pet Loss Hotline at (877) GRIEF-10.

A mom with a crippling phobia of rodents reaches out to The Doctors for help. Behavioral expert Gary Coxe takes her into The Doctors’ Panic Room to help her overcome her debilitating fear.

35 million American women struggle with stress urinary incontinence. Urologist Jennifer Berman checks in with Laura, who has agreed to try a brand-new product that aims to curb bladder leakage. Sponsored by Poise Impressa.

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