Shocking Hot Headlines Caught On Camera!; Mom & Daughter’s Plastic Surgery Addiction; Laser Procedure For Younger Private Parts?

Sometimes you’re not ready to do a whole laundry load, but you need clean undies. Or you’re tired of your delicates taking a beating at the laundromat. ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork has just the hack you need!

When Vinnie got a scratch on his eyelid his mother, Julia, took him to the clinic for treatment. There, she says, a receptionist applied medical glue but misplaced it so that his eyelids were glued together.

During a Waco, Texas, traffic stop, police arrested a woman who was allegedly transporting methamphetamine. But that’s not all she was carrying. According to police, she also had a loaded weapon – in her private parts.

It’s every parent’s nightmare – could your child have no conscience? A study from the University of New South Wales suggests that psychopathic traits can be identified in children as young as three. Learn the warning signs.