Exclusive: Catastrophic Mistake You Never Knew You Were Making!; Quick Fixes For Brain Fog; Things Your Dermatologist Wants You to Stop!

Would You Choose Your Dog Over Your Spouse?!

A recent study shows that most Americans would break up with a significant other if he or she didn’t like their dog. The Doctors weigh in and share stories about their own four-legged friends.

Does the Alkaline Diet Work?

Celebrities such as Kelly Ripa and Jennifer Aniston swear by the alkaline diet, which theorizes that you can optimize your body’s pH balance by swapping out foods that metabolize into compounds that promote acidity, such as meat, dairy and sweets. The...

Stop Brain Fog Today

Most people suffer from brain fog every once in a while, from forgetting your keys to losing focus at work. Psychotherapist Mike Dow shares three tips that may help you boost your memory from his new book, “The Brain Fog Fix.” Click here for the full...