Cutting-Edge Solution to Cellulite; Iced Tea Triggers Kidney Failure?; Secrets of a Contortionist

A popular new app that allows people to superimpose digital cuts and bruises onto their selfies has received backlash from certain anti-violence organizations. The Doctors debate whether the app is all in good fun or if it glorifies abuse and brutality.

The Doctors discuss the shocking case of an 11-year-old Chinese boy who allegedly drank water contaminated with leech larvae, resulting in a 3-inch leech being discovered in his throat a month later.

The Doctors discuss a shocking viral video of a mad motorist wielding a chainsaw! Plus, hear The Doctors’ personal stories about getting worked up behind the wheel.

Bonnie Morgan, a professional contortionist who has been featured in films such as “Minority Report,” “The Devil Inside” and “The Ring Two,” joins The Doctors to discuss and demonstrate her jaw-dropping talents. Could there be a medical explanation for...

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