Disturbing Spousal Abuse News?; Scary Scam on Pregnant Mom; Gross Anatomy Caught on Camera

Is Spousal Abuse Ever Justified?

The Doctors discuss the alarming results of a recent study, which show approximately 10 percent of American women believe spousal abuse is sometimes acceptable. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship and needs help, please call the...

Violence in the Media

The Doctors discuss how environmental factors, such as violence seen in the media, could contribute to attitudes that try to justify domestic abuse.

Live Forever Online?

The Doctors weigh in on a new feature on a popular social media site that allows users to select contacts to manage their accounts after death.

Gross Anatomy Caught on Tape

Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee stops by to share some of her favorite gross-out videos from her practice. Plus, learn the difference between a “soft pop” and a “hard pop” when it comes to skin bumps.