“Empire” Actress Grace Gealey; 30-Minute Phobia Fix?; Man’s Life Saved by Hot Sauce?

Dr. Ashton is fearless in the operating room but admits to a severe phobia of snakes. So when The Doctors heard about a man who claims he can erase anyone’s phobia in as little as 30 minutes, they invited him to try to help Dr. Ashton.

Someone in the U.S. is struck by a train every three hours. The Doctors discuss what you should be aware of when walking near train tracks.

Dr. Rachael Ross and Dr. Jennifer Berman shares the trick Kendall Jenner uses to stand up all night in heels.

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Mommy blogger Kristen Howerton shares the humorous way she found to help take on toddler tantrums and reassure other mothers they’re not alone.