Exclusive: Reality Stars’ Shocking Past Exposed!; Jordin Sparks Reveals How She Deals with Debilitating Pain

Surprise Birthday Breast Enhancement?

The Doctors discuss the story of a woman who allegedly became enraged and broke up with her boyfriend when he presented her with a surprise breast augmentation on her birthday. Plus, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon shares tips on how to give the gift...

Too Old to Practice Medicine?

Should there be a mandatory retirement age for physicians? The Doctors discuss the story of a 75-year-old oral surgeon who surrendered his dental license after he allegedly extracted the wrong teeth of two patients and attempted to operate on another...

Tooth Fairy Inflation?

The Doctors discuss a rise in the amount of reward money being placed under pillows of kids across America by the “Tooth Fairy.”

Money-Saving Kitchen Hacks

Celebrity chef Devin Alexander shares surefire tricks to keep food from spoiling. Plus, learn a sweet secret to instantly chill your favorite glass of white wine! Click here for more money-saving kitchen secrets.

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