Heaviest Teenager in America? Pill to Prevent HIV?; Late-Night Snacking Mistakes

Plan to Save Morbidly Obese Teen

The Doctors and former professional football player Joe Ostaszewski share their plan to help save Justin, a morbidly obese teenager desperately in need of help to avoid an early death. Hear the incredible surprises they have in store for him and his...

Pill to Prevent HIV?

Viral specialist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez and actor Daniel Franzese of HBO’s “Looking” discuss the potential benefits of a newly approved drug to prevent HIV infection.

HIV in the Media

Actor Daniel Franzese of HBO’s "Looking" discusses how representations of HIV patients in the media are necessary to raise awareness for the disease. Plus, viral specialist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez explains how he weighs the risks and benefits of...

Late-Night Snacking Mistakes

Prone to eating after dark? “Reader’s Digest” editor-in-chief Liz Vaccariello shares healthy food swaps to fix late-night snacking mistakes! Plus, check out Dr. Travis’ outtakes from his “Reader’s Digest” cover shoot!