Instagram Selfie Surgeries?; Shocking Birth Caught on Cam; Drs 911: Extreme Skin Conditions

A Loyal Four-Legged Friend

The Doctors discuss the news story of one woman’s dog, Sissy, who walked more than 20 blocks to visit his owner in the hospital.

Should Yoga Pants Be Banned?

The Doctors weigh in on controversial comments made by a Montana state lawmaker regarding the trend of women wearing form-fitting lounge pants in public.

Baby Born in Amniotic Sac

The Doctors sit down with a neonatologist who delivered one woman’s premature baby boy who was born still encapsulated in his amniotic sac, a rare phenomenon known as en-caul birth. Plus, meet the baby’s mother and hear how both are doing today.

A Sweet Update from the Chocolate Bar Kids

Best friends Jonah and Dylan join The Doctors two years after their first appearance to share the great news that Dylan’s book, “Chocolate Bar,” has raised $1 million for research on glycogen storage disease 1B, a rare liver disorder from which Jonah...

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