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How Uterine Fibroids Can Affect Pregnancy

After undergoing surgery to remove uterine fibroids that caused her to suffer three miscarriages, one woman was able to give birth via C-section. Follow her and her husband into the OR and watch them fulfill their dreams of becoming parents!

The Doctors’ Deals

Need a little retail therapy? See how you can save big bucks on the hottest health and beauty products with The Doctors’ Deals!

Ineffective Flu Vaccine?

The Doctors discuss the CDC’s prediction that the 2014-15 flu season could be the worst since 2008 due to the latest vaccine being less effective at fighting off a mutated strain of the virus.

BMI Tests at School

Should schools subject students to mandatory BMI tests? The Doctors speak with a 13-year-old girl from Iowa who was sent to the principal’s office for refusing to be weighed during PE class.

#SMOCK of the Week

See a simple moment of contagious kindness that one viewer and her young son experienced on a recent flight.