Black Market Butt Injections Exposed; Shots to Combat Menstrual Cramps?

Kimberly administered more than 3,000 clients with black market injections to enhance their buttocks. Hear her story, and learn the potentially life-threatening dangers of illegal butt injections.

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Celebrity makeup artist Bebe Booth shows Dyan, an dancer who applied heavy performance makeup to go out, how less can be more, and shares some of her makeup tips for looking younger. See Dyan's fresh, new look.

Dyan, who is a dancer, is concerned that the way she has been putting her makeup on is making her look older. She’s seeking help making the transition from too much performance makeup to “just nice, beautiful makeup.”

Dermatologist Dr. Billy Groff demonstrates how a new breakthrough laser treatment can help erase brown spots caused by sun damage.

When Deane was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she wondered what could have caused the disease. She researched and found that cosmetic talc, especially when used for feminine hygiene, can increase the risk of ovarian cancer. Deane sued and won one of...