Revolutionary Treatment for PTSD; Alarming Epidemic in America; Germ-Zapping Robot

Matt, who served in the Marines for eight years and was deployed to Iraq twice, was diagnosed with PTSD two years ago. He’s tried medication and counseling, but saw limited improvements. Then, he heard about Dr. Eugene Lipov, who is using a stellate gang

Twenty million Americans a year are infected with an STD. The Doctors discuss the most common STDs and answer viewers’ questions about how to reduce the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease.

Internist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez explains how Type 2 diabetes affects the body and offers to guide one woman on his three-pronged plan for managing the disease in a more natural way.

Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon explains how the Eustachian tube works and suggests treatment options that might help Kate's condition, which causes her to hear her own voice loudly inside her head.

When Kate had a cold and the flu her senior year of college, she had a blocked feeling in her ears and could hear her own voice loudly inside of her head. The voice hasn’t gone away.

Meet a robot named Rachael that uses UV rays to disinfect hospitals and prevent the spread of viruses such as the flu, Ebola and enterovirus.