Controversial PETA Campaign; Testosterone Therapy; 7-Year-Old Boy’s Inspiring Act

Metastatic Breast Cancer

Pfizer’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall explains metastatic breast cancer, a condition that affects nearly 250,000 Americans, most of whom are women. Learn the common misconceptions about the disease, and meet a cancer patient who isn’t lettin

Can Your Botox Affect Your Child’s Development?

A recent study suggests that getting Botox can distort parent-infant communication by making the parent look flat emotionally. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains how infants learn to read facial expressions, which helps them develop empathy.

Veganism for Weight Loss?

Hear from a woman who says she gained 50 pounds when she switched to a vegan diet. The Doctors discuss the pros and cons of plant-based diets.

Home Invasion Hero

Hear from a man who saved the life of an intruder who had broken into his home. Would you help someone who tried to rob you?