Banana Diet? Solutions to Scar Tissue; Cutting-Edge Cornea Transplant

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Stomach Scar Solution

Jessica was born with her intestines protruding from an opening in her abdominal wall. Doctors were able to perform corrective surgery. But 24 years later, Jessica is embarrassed by the deep scar that remains.

Treating Acne Scars

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains that Penny has chronic cystic acne. Hear his recommendation for how to treat her acne scars.

Surgery to Restore Eyesight

Morgan’s vision has been deteriorating since he was 13 and can no longer be corrected with glasses or contacts. Find out what is threatening his eyesight and watch the cutting-edge procedure that allows him to see clearly again.

Treatment for Severe Acne Scars

Penny is 43 years old and has been living with severe acne scars since she was a teenager. She never leaves the house without makeup, because she's self-conscious about her skin's bumpy appearance. Find out the treatment plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon r

Cause of Chronic Illness?

Drake is sick of getting sick. He has a mysterious condition that causes him to get canker sores, inflamed tonsils and high fevers about every four to six weeks. Find out his diagnosis and how to treat it.