Pregnancy Criminalization Law; Photo Helps Save Girl’s Sight; Healthy Food Fights

How to Help Pregnant Women Who Are Addicts

A new Tennessee state law that allows mothers who use illegal drugs during pregnancy to be charged with assault if their babies are born addicted, harmed or die as a result of the drug use. The Doctors offer alternative solutions, saying the answer...

Photo Helps Save Girl’s Sight

Should mothers who give birth to drug-addicted babies face jail time? The Doctors debate a controversial new law. Then, see how a social media snapshot helped detect a young girl’s dangerous eye disorder. Plus, from whole grains to fresh fruits, learn whi

Why Woman Flaunts Her Body

Hollywood is known for its fit, thin and beautiful celebrities, so when Amani, who weighs 260 pounds, struts down Hollywood Boulevard in her bikini, she draws a lot of attention — some positive and some negative. Amani says she wants to show that it’s...

Food Fight for Healthiest Foods

Flax seeds vs. chia seeds? Strawberries vs. watermelon? Feta cheese vs. low-fat cheddar? Which would you choose in a food fight for the most healthy food? Learn which foods pack the biggest nutritional punch.

Facebook Photo Detects Eye Disorder

When Tara posted a cute photo of her 3-year-old daughter, Rylee, on Facebook, she didn’t expect the reaction she got. A friend noticed her daughter's eye had a strange glow that could indicate something is wrong. A specialist diagnosed Rylee with...