New Drug Danger; Battling Rare Skin Cancer; Breakthrough Brain Surgery

An estimated 30 million Americans experience lactose intolerance, but they don’t have to ditch dairy completely! Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears visits Scott Bros. Dairy Farms to learn which types of milk, cheese and yogurt can still be enjoyed without...

Gavin and his parents join The Doctors on stage to celebrate the success of the cutting-edge laser surgery to remove Gavin's life-threatening brain tumor.

The Doctors debate the pros and cons of a powerful new prescription painkiller. Then, one mother shares her inspirational story of overcoming skin cancer. Plus, see a groundbreaking technique for eradicating brain tumors. And, how an amputee drummer adapt

Pain management specialist Dr. Gregory A. Smith debates whether the benefits of the new prescription painkiller, Zohydro, to Americans living in chronic pain are worth the potential risks.

When Gavin, 7, was only 5 years old, his parents began to notice odd changes in his behavior and his ability to use his eyes normally. They took him to the doctor and learned that Gavin had a benign, golf ball-sized tumor in the center of his brain....

After losing his right hand due to an accident, Jason learned to adapt to his new life with one hand. Now, see how a cutting-edge bionic prosthetic hand can provide Jason with the agility he needs to lead a more normal life.