Mother Becomes Human Speed Bump; Selfless 3-Year-Old Inspires the World

Three-Year-Old Donates Hair

Three-year-old Emily didn’t want sick children to be sad because they’d lost their hair, so she made the selfless decision to donate her long, beautiful locks to children in need. She and her family join The Doctors to discuss how her kind act has...

44-Pound Baby

Learn the factors that may have contributed to Santiago’s excessive weight gain. Plus, The Doctors share the health concerns of infant obesity.

Summer Skin Care

Liz Vaccariello, editor in chief of "Reader’s Digest" magazine, joins The Doctors to share must-know tips to stay safe in the summer sun.

Heroic Mom Saves Kids

Most parents will stop at nothing to protect their children from harm, even if that requires putting their own lives on the line. The Doctors are joined by Mindy, a mom who jumped in front of her rolling vehicle and served as a human speed bump to keep...