Skull-Expansion Surgery; Mesh Implant Dangers; Treating TMJ

After family members heard an intruder enter their home, they armed themselves with baseball bats and locked the man in their bathroom until police arrived. The suspect was attempting to steal two pairs of children’s underwear. Family physician Dr....

Dr. Sid Solomon, a neuromuscular dentist, finds that Mindy suffers from misalignment of the teeth, or TMJ. He made an oral orthotic device designed to open her bite, bring her jaw forward, allow more oxygen into her airway and align her teeth.

Jessica’s boyfriend, Bart, surprises her with a life-changing proposal. And, see what other surprise The Doctors have in store for the couple.

Plastic reconstructive surgeon Dr. Larry Sargent joins The Doctors to explain the cutting-edge procedure to expand Layla's skull. And, Layla and her mom, Lisa, join The Doctors via video to give an update on how she's developing.

Wanda, 43, had a hysterectomy seven years ago to eliminate painful menstrual cycles. At the same time, she had transvaginal mesh inserted below her bladder to correct the incontinence she had been experiencing since she gave birth to two boys more than...

Mandy says she's been experiencing painful menstrual cycles for 14 years and has been told she might have endometriosis. Dr. Ashton explains what causes endometriosis, using a medical animation.