Tim Gunn’s Health Secrets; Update on 12-Year-Old Girl’s Medical Crisis

PMS Fighters

Find out which PMS fighters OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton and family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross carry to help ease symptoms when on the job.

Tim Gunn's Skin Question

Style guru Tim Gunn asks the Doctors: “What do you do with a 60-year-old who still has teenage acne?” Hear plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon’s recommendations for Tim’s skin.

Woman with Silver Skin

Rosemary joins The Doctors without wearing makeup so people can see how the silver in the nose drops has affected her skin. She has argyria, a condition in which silver deposits collect in the skin, turning it blue or gray. Learn what causes this...

Which is Worse: Celebrity Edition

The Doctors debate which is worse for your health: Wearing a sauna suit to lose weight like Britney Spears, licking the shower door like Madonna, or wearing a bikini, several sizes too small, like Kim Kardashian?

Tim Gunn’s Health Secrets

Living with OCD: Fashion guru Tim Gunn explains how he uses the condition to his advantage. Then, The Doctors shares an exclusive update on a morbidly obese girl who underwent weight loss surgery to regulate her uncontrollable hunger cravings. Plus, foods

Phantom Pregnancy?

A Canadian woman said she was expecting quintuplets, but when she and her boyfriend went to the hospital for the babies to be delivered, doctors said the woman wasn’t pregnant at all.

Dr. Ashton explains that pseudocyesis, often called phantom...

Alexis Update

A 12-year-old girl who became morbidly obese after brain surgery triggered uncontrollable hunger cravings underwent weight loss surgery to save her life. In a The Doctors exclusive, find out why the operation didn’t go as planned — and hear how she’s...

Dangers of Silver

Silver has been banned from use in oral prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines since 1999, but Rosemary shares her experience with nose drops containing silver to warn people against taking silver supplements, which are available at some health...

PMS Leave?

Cramps, bloating, migraines and mood swings. Does your period have you feeling so bad that you don't want to get out of bed? In some countries, women are permitted to take menstruation leave from work during "that time of the month." The Doctors...