Humiliating Health Confessions

Humiliating Health Confessions

From butt breakouts to discharge “down there,” The Doctors’ guests divulge their deepest, darkest medical secrets! Plus, the best foods for fighting flatulence. And, The Doctors share their most mortifying health confessions!

Flatulence Friends and Foes

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears and urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman break down your flatulence friends and foes to help reduce your risk of breaking wind at an inopportune time.

Cosmetic Infidelity

A wife comes clean to her husband about the thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic fillers she'd had injected over the last five years. Plus, oculofacial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Eviatar describes how prevalent “cosmetic infidelity” is and how...

Caboose Mask

Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee shares her "caboose mask," which helps reduce the appearance of acne and dark spots on the skin.

The Doctors' Confessions

Our Docs are divulging their most mortifying secrets. Find out who hasn’t had a pap smear in more than four years! Plus, one of The Doctors accidentally pooped their pants while driving to the airport. Can you guess who?